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NMSA Sponsored UNM Medical Student to Travel to Anesthesiology 2019
By: Arden Vanderwall


Arden Vanderwall is a 4th year medical student through UNM’s MD/PhD program and hopes to match into anesthesiology residency in 2020.



Arden Vanderwall is a 4th year medical student through UNM’s MD/PhD program who was sponsored by the NMSA to attend the Anesthesiology 2019 Annual Meeting to fulfill her duties as UNM’s Delegate to the ASA Medical Student Component


This year I had the honor of being selected to serve as the University of New Mexico’s Delegate to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Medical Student Component (MSC) House of Delegates.  A large part of my role as medical student delegate was to attend the Anesthesiology 2019 Annual Meeting in Orlando and cast my votes on behalf of UNM medical student interests during the ASA MSC House of Delegates Meeting. This was also a wonderful opportunity for me as a 4th year medical student to meet future colleagues, learn about various career pathways in anesthesiology, and to investigate potential residency programs.


Each year at the Annual Meeting the Medical Student Component organizes numerous educational sessions designed to help medical students on their paths to pursuing a career in anesthesiology. I greatly enjoyed a session called “Applying to residency and finding the best fit” led by Shawn Banks, MD, the program director of the anesthesiology residency program at the University of Miami. I particularly appreciated a session called “How to shine in interviews” led by a physician with significant experience on residency admissions committees. Importantly, the ASA holds a “meet and greet” with residency program directors from all over the country. This is a great chance to chat with the program directors and ask them any burning questions you may have. There were also numerous current residents representing each program who could give insider perspectives about what it’s like to actually work and learn in any given program.   This was a great way for me to gather more information about programs to which I had already applied, as well as to demonstrate enthusiasm for programs I was especially interested in.


During the MSC House of Delegates meeting, the current members of the MSC Governing Council gave reports about the progress of the past year’s projects. We also heard speeches from and voted on candidates up for election to the 2019-2020 Governing Council. In addition to voting, there was a surprise keynote address by the Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, MD, MPH. He discussed how useful the ASA has been to him in his career, and encouraged medical students to stay involved during later stages of training.  The medical student delegates also heard from a panel featuring anesthesiologists who had also pursued either an MBA, MEd, or PhD.  These panelists spoke about the pros and cons of having dual careers and how these avenues might be pursued during or after residency.


Overall, this was a highly rewarding experience that I believe helped me to better tackle residency interviews.  I also gained new perspectives on the opportunities available to me both through the ASA and through a career in anesthesiology. I highly recommend this conference to future 3rd and 4th year medical students, and I am truly grateful to the generosity of the New Mexico Society of Anesthesiologists for enabling me to attend.



Surprise appearance at the ASA Medical Student Component House of Delegates by the Surgeon General of the United States, Jerome Adams, MD, MPH.



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