Get Involved

As you may be aware, these are difficult times for our profession. The CRNAs are aggressively seeking to expand their scope of practice with the aid of pseudoscience, “doctor of nursing” degrees, and a well-funded PAC. We continue to labor under an unfair CMS formula that pays us at a lower percentage of customary charges than other physicians at a time when Medicare rolls are rising. Medicaid reimbursement is even worse, and future cuts loom. Moreover, hospitals and insurance companies would like nothing more than to profit at our expense, and have their own well-funded PACS.

If we care at all about the future of our profession, we must be politically active. And that means making a contribution to ASAPAC---the only political organization dedicated to advancing the interests of anesthesiologists and our patients.ASAPAC has had many past successes that have directly enhanced your practice and its bottom line, and is currently fighting to reverse the unfair Medicare reimbursement for anesthesia services and to preserve the pre-eminence of physician-delivered anesthesia. And the professionals at ASAPAC made especially good use of our donations recently---they were the top PAC in the nation (according to in percentage of winners backed in the 2010 midterms.

Donating to ASAPAC is easy. Just go to the ASA—and log into the “members only” section. If you do not have credentials, the ASA office will be happy to help you (User name is your first initial and last name, password is your ASA membership number). Their phone number is on the site.

- David Siegel, MD - NM ASAPAC director - NMSA President