Why Join the NMSA?

A legitimate question in these parsimonious times, but membership in the NMSA is a real value, and more than returns to its members the small annual dues investment currently required:

  • Political Advocacy: Just this year, the NMSA directly added to your bottom line by $2.00 per unit for every Medicaid case you do. Very recently, we were able, through the work of John Anderson, to raise the payments for anesthesia services from workman's compensation. Politicians listen to groups with lots of members---each one represents a vote. The more of us are in the NMSA, the louder our voice. Your dues help pay for communication, an administrator, and a lobbyist who all help to make this all happen.
  • Protection of your profession and your patients: See Above. NMSA also is an active supporter of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation and the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research
  • Education: Every year, the NMSA brings you the "Best Practice" series of lectures at the annual meeting, with nationally known and respected speakers as well as ASA officers; CMEs; and important practice updates, right in your own backyard! We are now also paired with a MOCA certified simulation site and ACLS.
  • Networking: NMSA provides a mechanism whereby all of the anesthesiologists in New Mexico can stay in contact with one another to solve common problems and address common concerns
  • Membership in the ASA requires membership in your state component society, and no one is better than the ASA for education, advocacy and the advancement of our profession. The subscription to Anesthesiology is an added bonus!
  • Development of the leaders for tomorrow: The NMSA supports residents financially to attend leadership development and legislative conferences
  • Community outreach: The NMSA supports community projects such as science fairs in New Mexico that benefit the communites in which we live and work.

Join or Renew today!